Bearface: Poster Perfection

by Anna Beard  |  @abeard07

Photo of Jon Johnson faded  

Homegrown screen-printer and graphic designer Jon 'Bearface' Johnson is taking on the challenge of breathing new life into downtown's public face.

"I love that I get to use my skills to try and make downtown a more interesting, vibrant place to live, and visit," said Jon.

Jon's unique style of poster design has given many downtown events a hip new image. He explained that the revitalization and development of downtown has helped him connect more with the city.

"I've always known I wanted to stay local, but the fact that more and more cool stuff is going on, and the fact that I feel like the city has embraced me and what I'm currently doing in life, just keeps making it easier to justify the decision [to stay]," he said.

Jon is a staple at art events and his designs have ignited downtown events like BikeFest and King Street Art Markets. "I think downtown will be changing and evolving for a long time. I love getting to see that."


John Johnson is a graphic designer working in Downtown Kitchener  |  @bearfacejohnson  |  bearface.ca  




Just a small sample of Jon Johnson's poster work:

Bikefest Poster

Poster of Food Truck Thursdays