DTK Travellers Tour

Hey, downtown community, it's Breanna, Marketing Manager for the Downtown Kitchener BIA! I am so excited to share a new and extraordinary culinary journey with you.



The annual DTK Travelers Tour has begun, and we are inviting you, the locals, and visitors alike, to indulge in a gastronomic self-guided adventure from February 19 to March 17. We can’t wait to celebrate the rich tapestry of flavours that define our community.

Embracing Culinary Diversity

At the heart of the DTK Travelers Tour lies a celebration of diversity. Each week, participating restaurants transport diners to different corners of the world, offering authentic dishes and experiences that tantalize the taste buds and ignite the senses.

A plate of pasta with toasted bread.
Hands preparing a centerpiece dish.
Sushi with sesame seeds.
A plate of tacos loaded with jalapenos.

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Week 1: Europe (Feb 19 - 25)

We kicked off our culinary journey through Europe and experienced the cozy ambiance of TWH Social and the robust flavours at odd duck | wine and provisions, La Cucina, Wineology, La Lola Tapas Bar, and Bobby O’Brien’s.


Week 2: India (Feb 26 – Mar 3)

Next, immerse yourself in India's vibrant spices and aromatic dishes. Explore authentic flavours at Jayalakshmi, Dwarkesh, TWH Social, and The Rich Uncle Tavern.


Week 3: Asia (Mar 4 – 10)

Continue your journey through the dynamic flavours of Asia. From the bold and spicy dishes of Soi Thaifoon to the comforting delights of Rose Cafe, savour the culinary landscape at The Civil and Taste of Seoul Express.


Week 4: Latin America & Caribbean (Mar 11 – 17)

The tour culminates in the vibrant and lively flavours of Latin America and the Caribbean. Experience the warmth and hospitality of Casa Toro 88, The Tamale Girls, Pupuseria Latinos, The Caribbean Kitchen, Don Julios Tacos & Tequila Bar, and The Guanaquita Restaurant.


Beyond the Plate

The DTK Travelers Tour is more than just a culinary experience—it celebrates community and culture. Join us for live entertainment, unique drink pairings, and interactive experiences that immerse you in the spirit of each cuisine.


Family Sundays

In partnership with the Kitchener Public Library, each Sunday of the program we will offer family-friendly events featuring live music, dancing, and interactive experiences for all ages.

Europe: Feb 25, 1-4 pm

India: Mar 3, 1-4 pm

Asia: Mar 10. 1-4 pm

Latin America and the Caribbean: Mar 17, 1-4 pm


Celebrating Community

As we journey through the DTK Travelers Tour, remember that we're not just sampling dishes—we're supporting local businesses, fostering connections, and celebrating the beautiful diversity that makes Downtown Kitchener a culinary destination.

For personal experiences and behind-the-scenes insights, follow our Instagram @dtkitchener. Explore firsthand accounts and discover more about the flavours that await you.

We look forward to you experiencing this culinary adventure through Downtown Kitchener.

Bon appétit! Breanna


A man reading a book to children at the library.
A young woman serving an older woman a food sample.
A group performs a traditional dance.
Two men chat with event attendees.

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