DTK HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2018 | week 4/4

Stocking Stuffers 

by the DTK Team  |  @DTKitchener


12 More Days!!! AHHHHHH!!!

That's right only 12 more shopping days to pull it all together. This is week 4 of the Holiday Gift Giving Guide and we have featured some pretty fantastic businesses (big and small), maybe you saw something here that you loved, but if you didn't be sure to check out all the amazing businesses downtown has to offer. Use this nifty Shopping and Dining Guide.  


DTK HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2018 | week 3/4

Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones 

by the DTK Team  |  @DTKitchener


In case you haven't figured it out yet, DTK has lots to offer. Whether you are looking to spend a few dollars it blow it all remember supporting a small business makes a big difference. 



DTK HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2018 | week 2/4

Gift Ideas for Co-Workers

by the DTK Team  |  @DTKitchener


Scoping out a gift for your best office bud or searching for the perfect item for the office gift exchange? We have loads of affordable and eye grabbing offerings. Check out this week's line up....


DTK HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2018 | week 1/4

Gift Ideas for Experience Seekers 

by the DTK Team  |  @DTKitchener


Ready or not, the holiday shopping scramble is upon us! This guide is designed to turn your gift-giving (grabbing) into a no-brainer. 

Rather than making lists, checking them twice (or thrice) and driving all over the city to hunt down that ever-elusive perfect gift, do your legwork in Downtown Kitchener and steer well clear of the mall madness. Over the next four weeks we'll unwrap a series of giving ideas each Thursday and keep you up to speed on the best shopping options from stores and service providers in the core.


Create lasting happieness; experience gifts can be thoughtful and rewarding to both you and the reciever but most of all they are easy to arrange! Check out what we have lined up for the experience seeker in your life.