DT Kitchener's Poutine Trail

by the Downtown Team  |  @DTKitchener

There aren't many comfort foods that satisfy the soul better than a heaping bowl of poutine. Downtown cooks started playing around with some creative (and downright dangerous) combinations, proving that just about anything can go with the holy trinity of fries, gravy and cheese curds. Here are some of our favs:

Kava Bean Commons' Pulled Pork Poutine Bowl

Photo of Pulled Pork Poutine from Kava Bean Commons

Our friends at Kava Bean have been filing coffee mugs with goodness for years. Now they're also filling mugs with a pile of poutine topped with a perfectly sauced pulled pork.  The pork was literally steaming when it came out. Sooooo good!


Big Fat Pita's Bacon Burger Poutine

Photo of Bacon Burger Poutine from Big Fat Pita

The guys at Big Fat Pita would make Montrealers proud. Their poutines aren't just inventive, they're monstrous! We love their bacon burger poutine, but it's a tough choice up against poutines garnished with chicken doner, beef doner and BBQ chicken. They also rock a classic version and make garlic parmesean fries (in case you want to make a great impression at your afternoon meeting).


Ace Pizza & Shawarma's Shawarma Poutine

Photo of Shawarma Poutine Ace Pizza and Shawarma

There's been a growth of restaurants in the region serving shawarma.  But what King Street's newest restaurant makes is legit and truly authentic-tasting. Put it on top of fries and gravy with some amazing spicy sauces, and you've got one of the best new poutines in town. You seriously have to try this one.  


McCabes Irish Pub's Mexican Poutine

Photo of Mexican Poutine from McCabes Irish Bar & Grill

This is as international as poutine can get: a French dish gone Mexican and served in an Irish pub. This poutine is a mountain of yummy spiced beef, served on a sizzling cast iron plate and topped with salsa.  Goes great with beer and hockey!   


Just want classic poutine?

Folks who prefer great flavours without the fusion should try traditional poutines at The Boathouse and The Firkin at the Tannery.