The Sound Distillery

by Bob Egan 

Photo of Will Muir in the Sound Distillery  

Late at night while Kitchener sleeps and the downtown businesses have closed, you can often feel an "energy" over on Charles Street. This is Kitchener's own Will Muir at work in his Sound Distillery recording studio. He can't help it.

"Once I get in my groove mixing, time just goes away and the next thing I know, the morning birds are chirping. It makes for a rough day but at least I get a good mix!"

The passion that Will puts into his mixes is not surprising; he is passionate about many things -- fishing, family and the Blue Jays for example. But mention the power of music to change lives and his passion goes off the charts.

"All kids, especially those less fortunate, deserve the opportunity to play music and have their voices heard," Will recently said over coffee. And, he puts his money where his mouth is. Will has made it his mission to cultivate and support young artists.

I first met Will when he donated his studio and his time to produce the winners of a Kiwanis high school talent competition. He ended up mentoring them for a year, working on their music and getting them press and label attention. It was a labour of love.

Recently Will has donated his time and his skill at the Kitchener Public Library teaching technology to youth. His fear is that youth, without the opportunity to learn technology, will be left behind in the new economy. When praised for his good deeds, Will's modesty kicks in.

"It's just helping out the kids. It is what we are supposed to do, right?" Right, indeed.

Since opening The Sound Distillery three years ago Will has worked with clients across the musical spectrum from established local artists like Daddy Long Legs and Connor Gains to new singer/songwriters like Amy Rola. He always brings excitement and new ideas to his sessions and that is one of the reasons he was nominated alongside his heroes for the prestigious Pensado Award for Project Studio of the Year.

"The nomination for that award was just a sign that I was on the right path," Will said. Another sign is his recent work with country icon George Straight's band members. While they live in Austin and Nashville, two cities with more recording studios per capita than anywhere in the world, they chose to work with Will right here in Kitchener.

Despite these brushes with greatness, Will does not see greener pastures elsewhere.

"I thought about relocating a couple of years ago but then my neighbourhood transformed. Downtown Kitchener has this vibe now. Plus I can walk to work and that is pretty cool!"

And being able to walk home from work, especially after mixing in the studio 'till the birds come out, is also pretty cool!


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Inside the recording studio:

Photography by Dean Landry  |  @dvisionimaging 

Photo of Sound Distillery

Sound Distillery

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