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Jordan Dolson: Legacy Greens

Written by Allison Leonard | Photography by Silvia Pond

Photo of Legacy Greens  

A stray vine curling through the doorframe of a King Street storefront. A hint of rosemary meeting your nose and fleeting just as quickly as you walk down the strip. Leafy greens bouncing from the top of a brown bag held by an after-work customer.

There is something growing in Downtown Kitchener and it's all thanks to Legacy Greens owner Jordan Dolson, who saw a community need that matched her personal passion.

Legacy Greens, Downtown Kitchener's green grocer has renewed its lease for another year of sales in the core and the neighbourhood couldn't be happier.

The unique shop is echoed by the space itself. Seemingly non-descript from the exterior, Legacy Greens is jam-packed with fresh, local produce and products overflowing from wooden crates and woven baskets. Some of which, Jordan is growing herself. Much of the kale, chard, and herbs - the namesake for the store - comes from Jordan's crop.

"Jordan is a grower herself. This means she's got a unique understanding of what the farmer she's dealing with needs - their minimum orders, when they need to get paid, what's in season," says Leah Martin, employee at Legacy Greens.

The ability to vend veggies all week long is a major selling point for downtown dwellers without a regular grocery store in sight; Legacy Greens has diversified its stock. Lunch break customers can find a fast, affordable grab-n-go lunch in the cooler of fresh veggies and hummus. Shoppers seeking something special can find locally-sourced gift baskets tailored to the season. Products by BRFC Designs, Buck Naked Soap and Hugo & Nate Confections to name a few, are amongst the foliage at Legacy Greens.

In coming months, Legacy Greens plans to round out their offerings to host eggs and Eby Manor milk.

"We're meeting a need that wasn't fulfilled downtown as one of the only places to buy groceries during the week," says Leah. "When we can have produce on the streets, people are so surprised to see us here, to see fresh fruit downtown."

A secret garden of sorts, Legacy Greens is growing far more than kale and selling something much bigger than a gift basket. Push aside the vine tendrils and blow away a bit of the soil dusting the tiny shop in the core; a more holistic downtown might be budding.


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Photo of Legacy Greens