OWN IT 2018


Seeing DTK through a different set of lens

photo of Victoria Park clock tower in the fall  

Walk, see, sit, think, percolate, plan, sing and dance in downtown spaces.

Fall is the season for a burst of vibrant colour, a breath of fresh, crisp air and a mellow kind of sunlight. It can be a lovely time for an outdoor lunch or an afternoon break in sweet, little, urban zones downtown. Alone or with friends or co-workers, being outdoors can be a great way to infuse a day with a new kind of energy. Of course, a delicious picnic-style lunch in one of DTK's sitting spaces is a nice start. Pack a lunch or grab something delicious downtown.  


Next, try seeing the downtown through an artist's eyes. Take a sketchbook along and just respond to the surroundings. Simple drawings done in the moment, or notes jotted down in a journal can be little gifts of peace or insight to one's self.


Victoria Park is a beautiful place to sit and see, near the public art works or at the clock tower. The large park boasts plenty of nooks; a get-together in the park with like-minded friends could amplify an output of those artistic urges. Visit the unexpected oasis of garden spaces, seating areas and a public art enclosure in the Duke Street area behind City Hall. Consider writing, singing, meditating, or simply taking a deep breath of the urban landscape. Revel in newfound pleasures of downtown spaces. And who knows, maybe winter will also inspire visits to spaces covered in a freshly fallen coat of snow - a blank canvas in the core. 


Susan Coolen  |  susancoolen.com

Photography: Susan Coolen


various art supplies on a bench in the park behind City Hall



photo of green space in the city, with large buildings in the background