OWN IT 2018


Chelsea Cybalski & Neil Huber

Chelsea & Neil hanging out on a couch in their home with their dog  

It's not uncommon to hear people share the details of how they've ended up in Kitchener, or to be more specific, how they ended up back in Kitchener.


Chelsea Cybalski and Neil Huber have a great story. Originally from Waterloo Region, the two lived and worked in Toronto for many years having never met each other until a mutual friend's wedding in the Caribbean. 


Two years, two homes and two Great Danes later, they were eager to move back to the region to be close to family, and so Chelsea could be within the neighbourhood of her soon-to-open wellness shop. While searching for homes, they were instantly enamored with the character of Downtown. 


"It was the distinct vibrancy and culture of Downtown that truly captured us," Chelsea explains.


With the positive growth and development of Kitchener, both Chelsea and her business partner, Andrew Sukhiani, knew it was the perfect location for their store, The Golden Mean Wellness Shoppe. Neil, a film director and co-founder of Without a Flock Films & Distribution, commutes to Downtown Toronto but looks to bring future productions to Kitchener.


"I've fallen deeply in love with this city," Neil says. "From its diverse food and entertainment to the beauty of its parks and architecture, there's a lot of Kitchener to experience."


For Chelsea, as a small business owner, the sense of community that encapsulates downtown is inspiring and refreshing.


"I love the social atmosphere that exists Downtown. I've recognized this through my regular customers who have built friendships from simply frequenting the store," she says. "That sense of gathering is incredible, as these spaces extend beyond a place of commerce to that of a place for building community."


"People here know how awesome it is," says Chelsea. "I'm looking forward to more people recognizing it."


Visit Chelsea at The Golden Mean Wellness Shoppe: 150 King St. W  |  @_thegoldenmean_



Photography: Brian Limoyo  |  brianlimoyo.com







Chelsea in The Golden Mean Wellness, making a smoothie


photo of Chelsea & Neil's dogs on their bed in their home



Neil & Chelsea enjoying their front porch with the dogs