OWN IT 2018


Darryl Watty  |  @thewattyway

photo of Darryl Watty's pineapple socks & shoes with blue laces  

A unique perspective on Downtown Kitchener was recently revealed to me by a Masters student from Montreal. 

We connected via the Perimeter Institute, and I invited him out for lunch after his graduation. We had a solid meal and, of course, as an astute realtor looking to populate my circle of acquaintances with quality folks, I asked him if he thought he could ever see himself returning to live there (Waterloo) in the future.  


"No, probably not," was his response. "There really isn't much to it...it's kind of boring."


I then asked him if he had some extra time to grab a drink and chat some more (as these Perimeter people are fascinating). We ended up driving Park Street down to Kitchener since King Street North was closed at the time, and as we were crossing Victoria and heading into the Park, he asked where we were - to which I replied, simply, "Kitchener".


He started asking questions as we drove through the Park, turning down David Street and making our way to the parking lot on the Southwest corner of Halls Lane and Ontario Street. We ended up positioned directly in front of a huge graffiti mural. As soon as we stepped out of the car, he took in the scenery and said, "This is more me."


"I can see myself coming back to live here."


As a part of my buyer consultation, I ask prospective clients about their ideal Saturday morning - what does it look like? What would they want to do, see, eat and experience? Their answers always speak strongly to the lifestyle that they're looking for. Whether it's uptown, downtown, Kiwanis park, Chicopee or Cherry Park, this Region has a something for everyone.


One thing's for certain: you need to experience Downtown Kitchener for yourself. Nobody else is quite like you, so other peoples' opinions on the matter shouldn't influence your choices too heavily. 


Oh, and if you need an excuse to meet up for a coffee? Give me a shout, and I'll meet you at Matter of Taste. Really, downtown itself is just a matter of taste on your own unique palette.


Darryl Watty  |  @thewattyway

Photography: Dean Landry  |  dvision.ca



photo of Darryl Watty checking his phone inside of Matter of Taste



Darryl climbing stairs in an DTK alley