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photo of eco courier biking down Queen st  

Three long-time friends with one common goal: delivering a sustainable impact in the Kitchener-Waterloo community. 

Eco Courier is the product of that goal. The zero-emission delivery service was founded by Dave Schumm, a business graduate from Conestoga College, Brian Lawson, a local musician, and Nathan Russell, a former lacrosse player and former publication company owner.


Eco Courier delivers pants, fast food and just about everything in between to residents in Kitchener-Waterloo. 


Though Eco Courier boasts a 99 per cent delivery rate and over 500 deliveries monthly, the environment is their priority above all else. 


Regarding global warming, Brian says, "we're not really engaging in the debate; we're actually doing something about it. That was our pledge from the beginning, so we've wanted to stay emissions-free the entire time. It started with two bikes, now it's e-bikes and electric cars."


The co-founders emphasize their love for Kitchener-Waterloo and the business community. As business partners themselves, they understand the importance of establishing trust and friendship among colleagues.


"When you talk about doing business with friends, there are definitely problems that arise. But from a personal and social standpoint, we're beyond that kind of stuff, which helps the company grow, too," says Brian.


"Each of us have gravitated towards various roles that we excel at," says Brian. "Nate is dealing with the promotional and publicity side of things, I've gravitated towards the logistic side of things like routing and zoning. It was a team that naturally formed. Like a good band, we have good chemistry." 


"Dave has a background with the distribution side, too. When you combine all that together, it has made things easier. One person can't be an expert at everything. Just let your individual talents flourish," says Nathan.


Eco Courier is currently in the testing period of launching their delivery application. Designed by a student from the University of Waterloo, this app will enable the delivery of food and goods services from local establishments.


"The food and goods app will be amazing because we're strictly focusing on restaurants in this area [without] charging them crazy percentages," says Nathan.


True to their grassroots start, the group's focus on local isn't about self-advancement or profit alone; it's about contributing to the local business economy.


Nathalie Bouchard  |  @nathalieyb

Photography: Shaquille De Peazer  |  @shaqpeaz  |  shaqpeaz.com

. Dave Schumm, Brian Lawson, and Nathan Russell of Eco Courier


a 100% emissions-free car joins the fleet of Eco Courier delivery vehicles




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