OWN IT 2018


Renee Surovec-Lochner  |  Facebook: The Healing Space with Renee  | YouTube: Renee Surovec-Lochner

The beginning of Renee's journal entry submitted to The Downtown Kitchener BIA  

We're lucky to have received so many submissions for this year's magazine. We were immediately taken with Renee's openess and heartfel writing. DTK, meet Renee. 


Would you feel more comfortable in a male or female body?

I think I'd feel equally at ease in either a male or female body. I feel my personality, and what makes me "me" is not dictated by the anatomical sex of my body. Obviously being in a female body I have opportunity to bear a child for example, which, of course changes things. But at the heart and core of it, I feel I am "me" based on things that go beyond whether I am in a male or female body. 


At what point did you begin to realize you were gender fluid?

When I was growing up, there were no influences in my life and no language offering the freedom to be neither boy nor girl or to identify as both. I was happy growing up as a "tom boy" in a woman's body, and remember from a very young age getting excited when someone thought I was a boy. I was comfortable with the masculine and feminine expressions and didn't hold back from dressing or expressing myself in whatever way I felt that day or in different phases. 


How do you think gender fluidity is (re)shaping our communities?

I think it is important to have conversation about gender. More information and access to different belief systems allows for freedom to express who we really are without limiting ourselves based on what we think we need to be. I feel there are many people who fit in better being both male and female or neither male nor female, and it's great to begin accepting that as a larger community.

Having lived in many communities, I can honestly say that Downtown Kitchener's vision unites people to work towards positive change, and to build a city for future generations. 


Renee Surovec-Lochner  |  Facebook: The Healing Space with Renee  | YouTube: Renee Surovec-Lochner


 a close-up photo of Renee Surovec Lochner