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True North, Communitech's groundbreaking technology conference, will bring some 2,000 attendees from around the world to Waterloo Region.


True North Waterloo (May 29-31, 2018) is a global-in-scale event that aims to reaffirm tech as a force for good, and to place Waterloo Region on the map like never before.


"It's a showcase," says Kristen Gillett, the Director of Events at Communitech.


"It's about tech, and it's also about the region and all the amazing things that are happening in the region on the cultural side, on the talent side, on the development side. Really, it's about showcasing who we are as a community."


True North is an amalgamation of previous Communitech events, such as the Tech Leadership Conference and Techtoberfest.


"We're putting everything together to make it more internationally focused," says Gillett. "We want people to know that once a year, this is the place to be."


The True North event's main venue will be Lot 42, the giant, newly renovated conference space at 41 Ardelt Place in south Kitchener. The events will focus on addressing current issues like "fake news," gender and racial imbalance and the impact of artificial intelligence, and resetting the tech sector's compass to true north, hence the conference name.


Outside of conference proceedings at Lot 42, True North attendees will take part in myriad activities designed in the region.


Gillett says the area's hotels, restaurants, museums, galleries, universities and colleges will all take part. Picture outdoor concerts, art and cultural events, flags flying in the downtown, and True North-branded restaurants and hotels.


"We're incorporating tech and the arts," says Leena Birtch, Communitech's Senior Project Manager.  


For tech companies and other businesses in the Kitchener core, True North will be an opportunity to engage with visitors from around the world and to show off their progressive, vibrant community.


Craig Daniels  |  @truenorthguy

Photography: Nick Lee  |  @bestoftorontonet @DTKitchener




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