OWN IT 2018


Vegan Cuisine in DTK  |  Unity Baking;  The Yeti;  Pure Juice Bar & Kitchen;  Rainbow Caribbean Cuisine  

Photo of sprouts in Pure JBK


Being Vegan does not have be tasteless, nor does it have to deprive you of your favourite flavours. 

And being vegan in Downtown Kitchener is no exception. This city is packed with nutrient-dense choices for anyone looking to stand up for animal rights or at least limit their carbon footprint.


People choose a vegan lifestyle for a variety of reasons, but there are some myths that could use some debunking: vegan food does not cost more, is not bland, and definitely does not lack options. In fact, as the demand for meeting dietary needs rises, flavourful, interesting, vegan cuisine is thriving everywhere, especially in Downtown Kitchener.


photo of a vegan brownie from Unity Baking


331 King St W  |  @unitybaking

Being vegan doesn't mean you have to give up that sweet tooth. The chocolate brownie from Unity Baking is by far the best I have ever had. I was amazed with how moist it is, and the decadent flavours inherent of any brownie are certainly not lost with the omission of diary or eggs. The mother-daughter team at the helm of Unity Baking encourages pre-ordering vegan treats you might want in the future, but their baked goods are also for sale on site. 


photo of a vegan BLT from The Yeti


14 Eby St N  |  @theyeticafe

Put the fruit and granola away and order a Vegan BLT from The Yeti! This yummy morning sandwich comes loaded with jazcon (coconut bacon), greens, tomatoes, avocados, and slaw, and the Buddha sauce that offers a seriously refreshing twist. Pair it with the sweet potato hash, and this meal can easily be shared. Get to The Yeti early, though: the cozy, vintage, seven-table café fills up fast. The staff is friendly and the mismatched dishes and mugs make you feel at home.

photo of a Buddha Bowl from Pure JBK


305 King St West Unit 101  |  @purejbk

Pure is a fantastic place to meet all your vegan needs. The owner, Ewelina, is incredibly knowledgeable about her products. Top picks: tomato soup served with artisan bread, Buddha bowl with quinoa, energy balls and cold pressed juice. Every meal at Pure exceeds expectations of what great vegan food should taste like. Not dining alone? The sleek interior makes Pure a great place for a date, with a fresh menu that everyone can enjoy.

photo of Roti stuffed with callaloo and fried plantain from Rainbow Caribbean Cuisine


29 King St E  |  @rainbowcuisine.ca

Sit down or take out some Roti stuffed with callaloo and fried plantain. This comfort meal is crazy tasty and authentic to Caribbean cuisine. The environment is filled with soca music and friendly staff who make you feel at home. No matter your dietary need, Rainbow Caribbean can work with you on it; vegan options include boiled dumplings, yams and chickpea wraps.

Luisa Giangualano  |  team.g@hotmail.com

Photography: Evin Lachance  |  @wutevsitsevs


photo of roti-assembling at Rainbow Caribbean Cuisine



photo of roti-assembling at Rainbow Caribbean Cuisine



photo of roti-assembling at Rainbow Caribbean Cuisine




Looking for more options? Here are our faves: Cafe Pyrus: 16 Charles St W  |  cafepyrus.com. Fresh Grounds: 256 King St E  |  519-603-4240 x 227.  East African Cafe: 50 Ontario St S  |  eastafricancafe.com. Fat Bastard Burrito: 306 King St W  |  fatbastardburrito.ca. Holy Guacamole: 14 Duke St E  |  freshmex.ca. Queen Street Commons: 43 Queen St S  |  519-749-9177 x1.