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Photo of Nicole Beno walking down market lane towards the kitchener market


Street mural inspired by Kitchener Market experience to become a focal point for a re-energized Market District

Eby Street outside the Kitchener Market will have a large, colourful addition thanks to a fabulous new artistic piece by Kitchener’s Nicole Beno.

Ms. Beno’s creation Market Walk was the choice of a jury of Downtown stakeholders as a new feature on the Eby Street roadway. The new street mural will be a beacon for energy and activity outside the Kitchener Market, helping to create a stronger link between the street front and market vendors.

Ms. Beno is an accomplished local artist whose work has been featured in places like the Drake Hotel and Catering in Toronto, Toronto’s Celebration of Contemporary Art, Nuit Blanche and more. Most recently, Ms. Beno collaborated with Open Sesame and CAFKA for the Lèche Vitrine window series in Waterloo Region. Her portfolio is featured at 

Ms. Beno frequents the market on Saturday mornings. In creating Market Walk, she took inspiration from the senses that make the Kitchener Market experience so unique. 

“The sounds, smells, sights, touch, and tastes. People having conversations; music playing in the background; espressos; fresh bread; and the array of Gladiolus flowers in pink, purple, orange and yellow. I took notice of feelings I get at the market. A feeling of community and diversity, connecting with people I've haven't seen in a while, or familiar faces,” Ms. Beno explained.

The Downtown Kitchener Business Improvement Area spearheaded the mural project as part of a strategy to foster heartfelt urban experiences, particularly in the east end of the Downtown. The initiative included a call for submissions from local artists in 2018.

The mural project is the result of the Shape DTK initiative, which focuses on creating fun, vibrant streets where people can gather and experience their community. The mural’s development involved engagement with a wide range of individuals and parties, as well as adaptations to the project to reflect stakeholder feedback.

“We strive to tell a story about Downtown and create connections to the larger community. Nicole’s Market Walk is a cultural beacon created to connect with the thousands of people across the Region visiting the Kitchener Market every Saturday,” said Linda Jutzi, Executive Director for the Downtown Kitchener BIA. “We can’t wait to for you to experience the mural for yourself. We look forward to seeing how you interact and experience the piece.”

“At Workhaus Coworking, we stress the importance of community and collaboration across our network because it benefits the economic and social growth of our members. The renewed focus on the Market District demonstrates how the City of Kitchener and the Downtown Kitchener BIA are actively working to create a similar sense of community and collaboration with area business owners, artists, and the general public. The positive impact from public art installations such as Market Walk will help develop a greater sense of attachment, belonging, and pride for people living and working in Downtown Kitchener,” said Adam Mawer, Director of Kitchener-Waterloo for Workhaus Coworking.

Market Walk is designed to last ten years. It will be installed in stages starting early in June. The mural development initiative was part of the Downtown Kitchener BIA’s strategic plan.

An all-ages public celebration for Market Walk will take place on Wednesday June 26th from 4pm to 8pm to support the launch of the Kitchener Market’s new mid-week markets. The event will include music and entertainment, a beer and cider garden, vendors, interactive activities and much more. Ms. Beno will also be available to describe the process leading to the creation of Market Walk







































































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