OWN IT 2018


DTK Beverage Recipes  |  The Lokal; Abe Erb Brewing Company; Gilt Restaurant, Bar & Lounge; The Grand Trunk Saloon

Click the images below to see how these delicious DTK drinks are made:

Drink recipe for "Jaded B" from The Lokal

from The Lokal 

2 - 20 Queen St S  |  walper.com/lokal


Drink recipe for "Know My Jam" from Abe Erb

from Abe Erb Brewing Company 

151 Charles St W  |  abeerb.com

drink recipe for the "Gilt Sangria" from Gilt Restaurant

from Gilt Restaurant, Bar & Lounge 

305 King St W  |  giltrestaurant.ca

drink recipe for "Smoking Gun" from The Grand Trunk Saloon

from The Grand Trunk Saloon 

30 Ontario St S  |  grandtrunksaloon.com


Photography: Evin Lachance |  @whutevsitsevs


photo of bottles of alcohol at Gilt Restaurant bar & lounge



photo of beverage at The Grand Trunk Saloon